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Vegan Sorbet: Information & Top Brands

Sorbet is a fruity frozen dessert that is usually, but not always, vegan. Honey and milk products may make an unwelcome appearance, so always check the ingredients.

A fat-free and cholesterol-free alternative to ice cream, sorbet is made from frozen pureed fruits, sugar and other sweeteners, and water. You can buy sorbet at almost any market, as well as at most ice cream parlors. Both Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs make vegan sorbets that are sold at their ice cream parlors and at supermarkets. Unfortunately, both brands presently contain corn syrup, which is a low-quality sweetener that shouldn’t appear in a premium-priced product.

Other sorbet brands include:

Sorbet is often confused with sherbet or gelato. But both those desserts traditionally contain dairy products.

Making Homemade Sorbet

If you own an ice cream maker, it’s as easy to make vegan sorbet as it is to make dairy-free ice cream. There are all sorts of vegan sorbet recipes online. Here’s a nice one from the Simple Vegan Blog.

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