Vegan Turkey Products: A List of Top Brands

You can find a large assortment of delicious vegan turkey products at both supermarkets and natural food stores.

Americans eat about ten pounds of chicken for every pound they eat of turkey. It’s therefore no surprise that there are far more chicken-style than turkey-style plant-based products. Every product we feature on this page is vegan.

Vegan Turkey Products

A number of well-known vegan food companies make excellent products in this niche.

Thanksgiving Vegan Turkey Meals

These products are intended for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday feasts, and are typically only available from October through December:

Oven Baked Products

So far Gardein has this niche of the United States market cornered, with three excellent and inexpensive products.

Deli-Style Slices

These sliced products are ideal for sandwiches. So if you want a good club sandwich or deli-style hero, you’re in luck.

For further reading: vegan meats and vegan alternatives.

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