A can of Reddi Wip vegan whipped cream.

Vegan Whipped Cream: Top Dairy-Free Brands

Could there possibly be a better topping for a vegan sundae than vegan whipped cream? Any well-stocked natural food store will carry at least one variety. Whichever kind you get, it’ll take your vegan ice cream, pie, fruit salad, or cake to the next level.

Ready-to-Eat Vegan Whipped Cream Brands

Keep any of these brands in your refrigerator and you’ll always have a delicious vegan topping ready for your next dessert. All these products have long shelf lives.

  • Reddi Wip: Non-Dairy Coconut
  • So Delicious: CoCoWhip
  • TruWip: Vegan (the other offerings from this brand contain milk protein)
  • Whole Foods Market 365: Oat-Based Whipped Topping

Non-Dairy Whipping Cream

If you have an electric hand mixer, it takes barely a minute to prepare fluffy vegan whipped cream using either of these products:

Instead of the above products, you can also whip up some canned coconut milk that’s mixed with a little confectioners’ sugar.

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