vegan candy

Vegan Halloween Candy

Much of the Halloween candy that gets handed out to trick-or-treaters contains milk products or gelatin. The root of the problem is the chocolate that goes into mass-market Halloween candy is never the premium stuff. And low-end chocolate is rarely vegan, since milk chocolate is cheaper than dark chocolate.

Luckily, vegan Halloween candy is surprisingly easy to find. Most of these candies fall within the sugary, colored, tart genre. In other words, it’s cheap and low-end, but admittedly delicious if you’re in a certain kid-like junk food mood.

If your budget allows, you can of course hand out premium vegan chocolate to trick-or-treaters. Justin’s makes an outstanding vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cup, that is often available at Costco for a surprisingly low price (just be careful not to mistakenly purchase the milk chocolate version.)

Vegan Candy

Note: the sugar used in these candies may have been processed using bone char. Some vegans choose to avoid conventional sugar for this reason. 


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