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Vegan Halloween Candy: The Best Brands

Vegan Halloween candy is surprisingly easy to find. More than a dozen different companies make candy varieties that are perfect to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Keep reading for plenty more options, but if you came here for our #1 choice it’s Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. These are chocolately, delicious, and way more satisfying than the brightly-colored sugary candies that dominate this page. Note that since they’re made on the same line as non-vegan candies, they carry a warning that they may contain milk. But that’s a cross-contaminant that, if present, exists only in trace quantities and the Peanut Chews themselves carry an all-vegan ingredients list.

Vegan Halloween Candy Brands

Here’s our list of twenty inexpensive and easy-to-find vegan candies. Most of these candies fall within the sugary, colored, tart genre. In other words, they’re cheap and low-end, but admittedly delicious if you’re craving a strong hit of sugary flavors.

All these items are available individually wrapped and packaged in large bags. Most of these products can be conveniently ordered from

Note that the sugar used in these candies may been filtered through bone char. See our sugar page, and our lengthy “What is a Vegan Diet?” essay to understand why I don’t think this is a big deal.

Individually Wrapped Vegan Chocolates:

If your budget allows, you can of course hand out premium vegan chocolate to trick-or-treaters. Justin’s makes an outstanding vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cup, that that Costco may carry a surprisingly low price—but be careful not to mistakenly purchase the milk chocolate version.

Sjaacks make individually-wrapped vegan chocolates perfect for trick-or-treaters

What Animal Ingredients Commonly Appear in Candy?

The vast majority of Halloween chocolates handed out to trick-or-treaters contains milk products. The root of the problem is the chocolate that goes into mass-market Halloween candy is never the premium stuff. And low-end chocolate is rarely vegan, since milk chocolate is cheaper than dark chocolate.

Additionally, many brightly-colored soft translucent candies like Gummy Bears contain gelatin. Many companies make vegan alternatives to these gelatin-based candies. Unfortunately, most aren’t individually wrapped, so they’re unsuitable for handing out to trick-or-treaters. But if you’re looking for this sort of thing, please see the Vegan Chewy Candy section of our candy page.

 For further reading: Please see our pages devoted to Halloween, vegan candy, and vegan chocolate.
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