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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Collections

You’ve got all sorts of delicious possibilities for a satisfying vegan Thanksgiving. It’s easy to prepare  a sensational Thanksgiving dinner without a speck of animal products.

A wide and growing assortment of recipes and store-bought items render turkey obsolete. Two standout turkey replacements are Field Roast’s Celebration Loaf and Turtle Island Foods’ line of  Plant-Based Roasts. These products offer the ideal replacement to turkey as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal.

Coming up with great side dishes won’t be a problem either. All of the most popular Thanksgiving accompaniments, from stuffing to cranberry sauce to pumpkin pie, can easily be prepared vegan.

Before you wade into recipes, you might want to take a look at the top vegan turkey brands.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Collections

A quick Internet search will turn up a multitude of exciting choices for Thanksgiving, as well as the usual boatload of crap. Here are some of the most impressive vegan recipe collections:

So why not skip the turkey this Thanksgiving and go entirely plant-based? You won’t be disappointed!

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