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Vegan Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the most sacred time of year for millions of people around the world. But where food is concerned in America it’s largely a replay of Thanksgiving minus the cranberry sauce. That is, the standard omnivorous Christmas dinner is a turkey, or maybe a ham. So the same ideas for veganizing Thanksgiving apply to veganizing Christmas.

With that in mind, vegan companies like Field Roast and Tofurky make their seasonal feast offerings available from a few weeks before Thanksgiving until right after the new year. Field Roast makes a wonderful Celebration Roast, and Tofurky offers a massive feast complete with stuffing, gravy, and even a brownie for dessert. The manager of the refrigerated section at your local natural foods store will know if and when these products will come into stock. It makes sense to buy these products once they come in so you won’t be at risk of them selling out before you get yours.

If you’re in the mood to cook your Christmas dinner from scratch, you can’t do better than using the recipes for our Thanksgiving feast. Additionally, there are several terrific vegan cookbooks written specifically for holiday cooking, and each is loaded with recipes that are ideal for a Christmas feast.

Where alcohol is concerned the quintessential Christmas beverage is eggnog, which is obviously made with eggs. Despite being an oxymoron, vegan eggnog is widely available. You can buy “Silk Nog” made from soy or almonds at most natural food stores during the holiday season, and even Walmart carries the stuff. Califia Farms makes a Holiday Nog based on almond milk. Just add bourbon and a dusting of nutmeg to any of these products and you’re in business.

With both food and drink taken care of, that leaves only gifts. So check out our holiday gift guide for plenty of great ideas for your favorite vegan.

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