You can make vegan wraps a million different ways.

Vegan Wrap Ideas: Healthy & Delicious Fillings

If you want a delicious meal that takes no time to make, vegan wraps are impossible to beat. You can prepare these burrito-inspired meals in just a minute or two. And, just like sandwiches, you can make an endless variety of vegan wraps.

Vegan Wrap Fillings

Here are some delicious ideas you must try:

  • Brown or basmati rice
  • Spiced beans
  • Raw or sauteed vegetables
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Hummus
  • Beyond Chicken or other meaty vegan strips
  • Sauce or dressing (peanut, curry, mole, tahini, etc.)
  • Chopped greens
  • Baked tofu slices
  • Dal
  • Avocado slices
  • Vegan sour cream
  • Sprouts

Choosing a Tortilla

The tortilla used to make a wrap may be made of white flour, whole wheat, or sprouted grains. Whole wheat or sprouted grains are much healthier choices than white flour. Nearly all tortillas sold today are vegan, whereas a few decades ago most white flour tortillas contained lard. Always check the ingredients to confirm the vegan status.

It’s best to warm your tortilla for a few seconds in either a microwave or on a skillet. This will make the tortilla less likely to tear when you roll your wrap. Most Mexican places use specialized equipment to steam their tortillas before rolling a burrito. This is the ideal way to go. Unfortunately, tortilla steamers are too unwieldy and expensive to be practical for home kitchens.

Are Wraps Vegan?

Many restaurants serve wraps that contain every sort of animal product. That said, vegan wraps are one of the most common restaurant offerings. And when you make your own wraps, they can be vegan every time since you’re in charge of what goes into them.

Wraps tend to be big meals, so you’ll generally want to use a large tortilla (at least 12” in diameter) or lavash to make your wrap. Lavash is absolutely worth seeking out, and if you have never heard of it before, here’s a fantastic video showing the traditional baking method in Armenia.

The key to making a perfect vegan wrap is to balance the dry ingredients sufficiently with the wet ingredients. You want enough moisture so that the wrap holds together, but not so much that it drips while eaten.

Depending on what you’re making, a dash of salsa, salad dressing, or hummus can provide just the right amount of moisture.

Convert Your Favorite Sandwich to a Wrap

Finally, keep in mind that you can add some diversity to your diet any time by converting your favorite sandwich into a wrap. A nut butter and jam wrap is a terrific variation of the classic sandwich, and can be prepared in seconds. Likewise, there’s no quicker meal than making a wrap made from store-bought hummus and sprouts. Finally, many savory leftovers make excellent wrap fillings.

As you can see, when it comes to vegan wraps you’ve got limitless possibilities.

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