Even simple vegan meals are delicous.

Vegan Information: Links to 200+ Resources

You’ve found it: the mother lode of vegan information. No matter what you want to learn about in regard to vegan lifestyles and plant-based eating, you’ll find links to the best coverage right here.

Essential Vegan Information

To begin exploring vegan topics, start with these six fundamental pieces:

  1. Discover all the sensational vegan foods available by reading our Introduction to Vegan Eating.
  2. Our Why Go Vegan? essay, written by Erik Marcus, is the most authoritative take available on the numerous reasons people choose a vegan diet.
  3. To begin moving toward a vegan diet, please read our How to Go Vegan piece. It offers step-by-step guidance for making an easy transition.
  4. Our guides to Vegan Cooking and Baking will speed your transition to a plant-based diet, and enable you to eat tastier and cheaper food than ever before.
  5. To dig deeper into the vegan concept, check out, “What is a Vegan?
  6. Finally, for answers to all the pesky unresolved questions that crop up, check out our Vegan FAQ.

Vegan Living Guides:

Once you’ve checked out the above links, it’s time to dig a little deeper. We’ve got detailed guides to help you with every aspect of transitioning to plant-based diets. On top of all that, we we even offer the complete text to The Ultimate Vegan Guide.

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More Vegan Information on Every Topic

To help you navigate the vast amount of information on this page, we have broken our offerings down by category:

Shopping | Food | World Cuisines | HolidaysHealth & Fitness | Animals | CookwareActivism | CompaniesAnimal Ingredients | Clothes & Apparel | Beauty | Celebrities | Other


Whatever you’re looking to buy, we’ve got pages that feature the best vegan products.

Vegan Foods

We’ve got links below to just about every vegan food you can think of. Start by checking out our easy vegan foods page. Then look into the world cuisines that most interest you. We maintain a handy online grocery that will give you more great ideas. And don’t miss our page on vegan alternatives to animal ingredients.

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Vegan-Friendly World Cuisines

Every one of the cuisines featured below contains loads of vegan possibilities. Not sure where to start? Consider reading our Vegan Mexican Foods page first, because it’s such an approachable cuisine filled with so many delicious and healthful options. Italian cuisine likewise has a wide assortment of incredible vegan options, even for novice cooks.


Whether it’s a Fourth of July barbecue, vegan Halloween candy, or a fantastic Thanksgiving feast, we’ve got you covered with great options and ideas.

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Vegan Health & Fitness

We offer extensive vegan-oriented health coverage. Our Vegan Nutrition Guide is the best place to start, in terms of getting a solid grounding on all the key nutrition information. Also, every vegan needs to read up on Vitamin B-12, and we’ve got the definitive piece in terms of giving you a solid background on the topic. Also don’t miss our Vitamins Guide, which offers great deals on the supplements of special interest to vegans.

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Here’s information about factory farming animals commonly eaten for food. One of the best recent books on the topic is Project Animal Farm, by Sonia Faruqi.


It doesn’t cost much to outfit your kitchen with all the essential pieces of equipment needed to make great vegan food.

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A primary goal of this website is to keep as many animals from harm as possible. For that to happen, our readers need to get involved. Our 10,000 word Activism Guide is one of this website’s centerpiece offerings. It offers proven strategies that will enable you persuasively advocate for plant-based eating.

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Animal Ingredients

Thanks to slaughterhouses killing tens of billions of animals a year, there’s an endless stream of animal byproducts that can show up in our food, cosmetics, and other consumer items. You can become acquainted with the main substances to watch out for on our Animal Ingredients page.

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Vegan Clothing & Apparel

Clothing, footwear, and accessories are often made from animal fibers or leather. The links below will help you to find vegan products that fit with your sense of style.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

If there’s a cosmetic or personal care item you need, you can find one that’s vegan and formulated without animal testing.
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Famous people go vegan. Famous people also stop being vegan. Lots of people care about this, for reasons that are hard to understand. So here’s our begrudgingly assembled set of pages on celebrities who are either currently vegan or toyed with it in the past.

Other Vegan Topics

Here’s all the vegan information we offer that doesn’t fit elsewhere:

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